Posted by: madaboutpog | April 29, 2020

Banana Bread Boredom!

So when boredom sets in, banana bread gets baked!

Lockdown is still in place in Johannesburg, South Africa and living alone, I tend to buy too much fresh fruit and vegetables (I tend to think that I am feeding my entire neighborhood instead of just myself!)

I must have chosen the BIGGEST bunch of bananas ever and as a result, I seemed to just have a neverending supply of bananas.  So I decided rather than end up wasting them, I was going to attempt to make banana bread for the first time.

My first issue was the fact that I did not have a proper loaf tin.  Never mind, I am renowned for making a plan! So I decided to use another baking tin which meant that it would be slightly bigger but flatter than the normal, traditional loaf.

The second issue was that because the loaf had to bake for almost an hour, I was worried about the top burning before the inside was cooked properly!  This was easily solved by putting tinfoil on top of the loaf midway through the cooking process.

After an hour of baking and pedantically checking on the loaf through the oven door, the loaf was done and didn’t come out half bad!



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