Posted by: madaboutpog | July 12, 2013

A perfect example of extreme determination

Byron fishing

It so happened that during Winter a couple of years ago I decided to take my husband to Dullstroom, Mpumalanga.
An easy two hour drive from Johannesburg meant that we could make a weekend of it.

I booked us into a very quaint looking cottage complete with fireplace, underfloor heating and gas heater! This should have been our clue that it got VERY cold there!

My husband is very much the outdoors type and was looking forward to doing some fishing, as Dullstroom is well-known for their trout. On the first morning he decided to wake at 04h00 to get ready for fishing! I told him he was mad as it was pitch black outside and the temperature was easily below freezing! Surely no trout in its right mind would be biting at this time of the morning? Oblivous to my advice, he left our cottage and headed to the closest dam. He told me later that he was the only person there (Why you ask???) and he had to use the headlights from his 4×4 to set up his rod!

Needless to say he arrived back at the cottage an hour and half later with wet jeans, ice-cold hands and no fish in sight!

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