Posted by: madaboutpog | February 6, 2013

My love for Boston Terriers

2012 Photos 046

The first Boston Terrier I saw in the flesh lived in the same complex as us. I thought it looked like some kind of alien dog! Cute but strange-looking.

Well not much has changed since then! My sister and her fiance have two Boston’s and I am still fascinated by them.

We had the pleasure of meeting Lily and Harvey in December last year. They are spoiled rotten and are two of the cutest animals I have ever seen!
Harvey is the latest addition and is still very puppy-like – all cute and plump. Lily is the old girl on the block and is very strong-willed.
They are very much lap dogs and are so affectionate and playful.

Harvey enjoys playing with Chelsea the Great Dane which is quite a sight to behold!

We were woken each morning with Harvey snorting “hello” and asking to be lifted onto the bed as he was not big enough to jump up on his own.

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