Posted by: madaboutpog | May 14, 2012

The Burning Bag

We had a wonderful Mother’s Day lunch at one of my mom’s favourite restaurants, The Red Chamber in Hyde Park on Sunday.

My hubby and I arrived earlier than my mom and stepdad and I decided to sit closest to the wall.  I put my handbag on the floor next to me so it was out-of-the-way.  They arrived and we all scanned the menu hungrily deciding what to eat.

We all ordered and chatted merrily.  A short while later our food arrived and we all got stuck in as we were all starving!

Our meal was nearly finished when we all smelt a weird burning smell.  I was convinced it was an electrical burning smell and my husband thought there was a beauty salon next door to the restaurant and that they were busy waxing!  My stepdad thought it was a strange smelling Chinese incense!  My mom thought the incense had gone off!!

I glanced down at my bag and saw smoke coming from it!  I picked it up and saw that one of the lights had burnt a hole in the bottom of the bag!  Thank goodness my phone and makeup bag were not damaged in any way!  I did have a packet of tissues inside my bag and the plastic had melted.

Note to self – always be careful where you put your handbag – you never know what could happen!


  1. Lucky escape as this could have been very serious!

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