Posted by: madaboutpog | April 16, 2012

Adventure in Zambia’s South Luangwa

A few years ago, I had the pleasure of spending a couple of nights at a lodge in the South Luangwa region in Zambia.  I travelled with a colleague to have a look at the lodge, as it formed part of the portfolio we were selling at the time.

We flew into Lusaka from Johannesburg and had a stopover of a couple of hours.  I never expected to see any African airport as clean as the one in Lusaka – they cleaned the floor for hours and you could almost see your reflection in it!

Our next flight was from Lusaka to Mfuwe.  I hate flying and this was no exception. The plane was tiny and I could not stand up in it!  Our pilot was Scottish so we all struggled to understand what he was saying – probably for the best!  Mfuwe airport looked like a farm shed but I was glad to be on the ground.  Our transfer to the lodge awaited us.  It was an open game vehicle and we managed to get incredible pictures of the sunset.

I can truly say that of all my african adventures – this one was the most scary!  The area we were travelling to had no cell phone signal and all communication was via satellite phones.

On arrival at the camp, the game ranger informed us that there had been a lion kill very close to the lodge.  We were exhausted from a day’s travel and were keen to freshen up and get something to eat.  We did, however, hear all about the kill from the rangers on their return to camp.

Our rooms were very basic, built of wood on stilts overlooking a river.  There was no electricity at the camp.

My colleague ended up spending the night in my room as hers was the “honeymoon suite” and extremely isolated from the rest of the camp.  What she did not anticipate was the fact that she would be spending the night with a bat!  We tried unsuccessfully to get the bat out of the room and eventually gave up and resigned ourselves to the fact that we would be spending the night with a bat!

During the night, the room seemed to “move” – we were not able to ascertain whether it was a hippo or an elephant that caused this rocking motion and we were too frightened to check.  Needless to say we didn’t have a great nights sleep – what with the bat and the continuous rocking motion!

At breakfast the next morning, we were told that there was a resident python that lived in the roof of the kitchen!  Things were getting wilder by the minute and if, for one moment, we doubted that we were in Africa – this confirmed it!

On one of our many game drives, our game ranger suddenly stopped and pointed out a puku to us.  These antelope are found in Zambia and other African countries.  He then pointed out to us that there was a leopard stalking the puku and we were instructed to keep still and quiet.  The leopard pounced shortly afterwards and we knew why the leopard was called the “silent hunter”.  Thankfully, the puku was dead within seconds.  We were trying, at this point, to get a handle on the shock we were in and take some photos.  Just then ANOTHER leopard appeared out of nowhere and stole the kill away from the other leopard!  I have still to this day never seen this again in my life.

Our Zambian adventure is something I will never forget.

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  1. Africa, dear Africa! We still love it!

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