Posted by: madaboutpog | March 19, 2012

Sheep Warning!

Some time ago my husband and I decided to go away for the weekend.  We found a wonderful cottage on a farm in the Magaliesberg and were looking forward to spending some time away from the city.

We arrived late on the Saturday afternoon and were thoroughly surprised at our lovely quaint cottage. It was made of stone and thatch and was quite secluded from the other cottages.  On arrival we noticed three sheep grazing close to our cottage but thought nothing much of them.  We then started unpacking all of our things and started preparing for our evening meal.  In the kitchen, I spotted a notice taped to the wall reading as follows: “Sheep Warning – please do not feed the sheep or encourage the sheep to your chalets.  The ram head butts – you have been warned!”  We had a good laugh about this.

The next day we ventured into town and arrived back in the late afternoon in time for drinks and snacks.  As my husband was preparing the fire for the potjie, the sheep seemed to be getting closer and closer to our chalet.  At one point they were so close we started touching them!  The ram’s horns had been removed (only later did we see why!).  My husband decided to feed the male a piece of dried mango.  The ram really seemed to enjoy it!  I had in the meantime got a packet of chips out of the kitchen and had just sat down to enjoy my wine and some chips.  The next minute the ram leapt onto our patio and proceeded to charge me!  My husband immediately tried to shoo the ram away but he was not successful.  I then retreated into the kitchen and he continued to push the ram away using the broom stick!  I was in hysterics at this point while my husband tried to set up a barricade to keep the sheep out of our patio area.  He used a dustbin on the one side and some of the other chairs on the other.  It then became VERY obvious why the sign was so prominently placed in the kitchen!


  1. Maybe a wolf in sheeps clothing?

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