Posted by: madaboutpog | March 14, 2012

Fake Snake in a tree!

A while ago we decided to do some gardening and trim a bush that was getting out of control.  I hauled the ladder out of the garage and found the trimmers and was eager to get to work.  My husband was working in another part of the garden and so was not able to see what I was doing.  I confidently climbed up the ladder to get to the top of the bush and was feeling quite chuffed with myself for being so proactive!

I had been working for some time and was feeling very hot when I suddenly spotted something hanging on one of the branches.  It was close enough for me to touch it when I spotted the snake!  I screamed and nearly tumbled off the ladder.  My husband came running and I somehow managed to tell him that I had seen a snake in the bush.  He immediately got a broom and proceeded to try to get it out of the bush for  closer inspection.  My husband has always loved snakes and was convinced that it was a Rhinkals or Spitting Cobra.  He eased the snake on to the end of the broom and brought it out of the bush.  I was standing metres away at this point!

He looked at me and smiled then said that it was “Made in China” and was a fake!  When I had plucked up enough courage to take a step closer, he pointed out the words to me on the snake’s belly!

Our next door neighbours had obviously thrown it into our yard either for a laugh or on purpose!  We are not on speaking terms with our neighbours!

The fake snake now has a new home on a rock in our garden.


  1. Have heard of a cobra, all sorts of adders, pythons, etc but never a “made in China”! New species?

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